Business Model

EOG is not the everyday coworking company that provides bare bone space for rent. Networking events and synergy planning is the smallest part of benefits that we provide in an organized way to our tenants not just to enable them to have the opportunity but a clear path for success.

How we are different?

EOG is a market leader in providing a full-on turn-key solution for small business clients.
A plethora of services that is otherwise available only to well established companies can be made available even to individual entrepreneurs and any small sized company to give it all the leverage it needs to succeed with a fraction of the cost and the expertise of professionals.

Services Provided

1- Live reception in person.
2- Secretarial level call answering (not just an answering service).
3- Secretarial service packages (appointment setting / rescheduling, taking notes on calls etc..other secretarial services as custom needed).
4- Executive assistants and support staff packages on a la carte basis.
5- Accounting and bookkeeping services (including payroll and AR/AP and complete Accounting Department).
6- Legal Services.
7- Marketing services.
8- Advertising consulting.

A Hub for Entrepreneurial talent.

EOC launched the Young Entrepreneur Incubator Program in 2015 for the multi benefit purpose of:
1- Helping Young Entrepreneurs succeed and monetize their idea and see it come to fruition.
2- Provide our investors angle investor opportunities by creating an organic pool of new ideas that may become part of the future FAANG club.
3- In return for providing resources and support for such start up entrepreneurs, EOG ends up with a share of the start-up that translates into long term successful investments and revenue streams for the company.
4- Secure Long term tenants that are legally committed and commercially bound to be part of the EOC family of tenants for the long term by hosting them at the incubation / startup phase.
Through the YEIP, resources are made available to select young innovators, we provide them the office space, business consulting, monetizing consulting, supervisorship when needed, marketing tools and PR, Advanced Training, Educational/research scholarships and other incentives to reach certain milestones in order to keep on providing resources to such start-ups.

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