Virtual Phone Answering Service

Never miss a lead again. Impress your customers with professional call answering services. We handle your calls with care and take pride in representing your business. All our operators are trained with your specific requirements and to your specifications.

Pay Annually & get 4 months FREE

$59 per month

Flexible Monthly Terms

Virtual Office Phone - Telephone only

You’ve just saved $236

by selecting Annual Saver

$472 per year

12 Months for the price of 8 Months

Virtual Office Phone - Telephone only


Local Florida Phone number

Transfer to any landline or mobile device anywhere

How it works

Receive a dedicated phone number for your business

Promote yourself as a local business anywhere in the world with a Local Florida phone number.

Your Own Personal Receptionist

Our professionally trained receptionists will answer your incoming calls in an expert manner with your company name and greeting.

We Transfer your calls or take a message

We'll notify you via text or email when you receive a call and either take a message or forward the call to you or someone on your team.


  • All calls answered with your company name
  • A wide range of local and domestic phone numbers to choose from
  • Have our receptionist forward calls directly to you or take a message
  • Advanced call routing and screening services available
  • Audio conferencing services available
  • Messages forwarded immediately to your email address
  • Monthly plans - Allow you to cancel at anytime

Our receptionists will give give your business a professional voice

Our team of dedicated receptionists will answer all your calls in a professional and friendly manner. We always take the time and effort to educate our team about your business before allowing them to handle your customer calls.

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