A Prime Florida Office Address

Establish a presence in any market with a virtual office. Our virtual office plans include call answering services and mail handling with a professional business address in Longwood, Florida, just North of Orlando on SR 434. Additional Intelligent Business Solutions are available as package deals or individually as needed.
Elite Office Corp Virtual Offices?
If you cancel within one week of your most recent invoice we will refund you for that invoice. This means you don’t have to worry about nasty contract renewal surprises. When can I cancel a monthly plan? You can cancel your plan at any point and you will not be charged anything beyond the current month you are in. If you cancel within seven days of your most recent invoice we will refund you for that invoice should you wish to terminate your service immediately. When can I cancel an annual plans? You can cancel at any point and you will not be charged for any subsequent years. We are not able to offer pro-rata refunds for the annual plan. This allows us to offer two months free when signing up to the annual plan. If you cancel within seven days of your most recent invoice we will refund you for that invoice should you wish to terminate your service immediately. How easy is it to cancel? Very easy. Just send an email to our support team (info@eliteofficecorp.com) from your registered email address asking for a cancellation and we will cancel your account
The Elite Office Corp business center in Longwood is housed in a landmark office building, centrally located and easily accessible by personal vehicle or public transportation. A large, open parking lot ensures you and your clients will never get lost in the shuffle or the traffic
Does price go up if I receive lots of letters? No. We handle all your mail as it comes in, storing it or immediately forwarding it to you, depending on the options you have selected. Are there any other charges? If we are physically forwarding your mail to you at a different address, you will be responsible for the cost of postage to forward the mail. However, there are no handling or other charges billed to your account.
Many business owners are creating a Florida LLC in order to take advantage of the reduced tax liabilities and other benefits of operating a Florida business. Elite Office Corp can provide you with the perfect address when you want to register an LLC in Florida
For the new small business owner, it may be intimidating to suddenly discover all of the individual responsibilities associated with owning and operating a business in Florida. Accounting takes on a new meaning as you work to discover all of the legal requirements, legal liabilities become an issue, and it can be challenging to know which third-party business service providers really are the best fit for your business when you contract those tasks out using business process outsourcing. Elite Office Corp offers you any number of options to receive professional assistance in virtually all areas of business and office management in Orlando, so that you can focus on building up your business instead of getting bogged down in all the details. We further host quarterly networking seminars to provide you with an opportunity to offer your services to others, and to speak with other business owners who you can exchange stories with. Whether you are looking to learn from their experience, or they are looking to learn from yours, these gatherings are an excellent opportunity to actively
What is included with a meeting room visit?
  • Meeting tables and Conference Rooms are Available
  • High Speed Broadband and Wi-Fi access
  • HD Screen and Connectors
  • Whiteboard and Marker Pens, with additional supplies available on demand
  • Coffee, tea, and cold beverages are available on demand
How much do Conference rooms cost? Cost for the conference rooms will vary based on your individual needs. How easy is it to book a conference room? Just send an email to info@eliteofficecorp.com with the date and time you desire. Availability is decided on a first come, first served basis
How long does setting up an account take? It takes an average time of ten minutes to approve your account. How much does it cost to set up an account? Setting up an account is free. There are no setup fees when joining the EOC
Your Longwood and Orlando area office rental will be located in the building at 587 E SR 434, Longwood, FL. This is a very central location with easy access to 17-92, I-4, and other thoroughfares. It is an easily accessible location for private vehicles but also conveniently situated nearby to public transportation, making it easily accessible to anyone and everyone. Nearby amenities include restaurants, hotels, shopping, and entertainment venues
There is plenty of free parking right in front of the building making it easily accessible for you and your guests.

Monthly Virtual Phone Plans

Pay Monthly with an Annual Agreement


$49 $1
for the first three months
  • Mail Handling Drop off and Pick up point
  • When we receive your mail, we email you and keep it secure until you can collect it.


$79 $1
for the first three months
  • Mail Handling and Forwarding
  • We forward all your mail to your private address on the same day it is received


$99 $1
for the first three months
  • We scan and email all your mail to you the same day we receive it