The Magic of Networking

The Magic of Networking

“Networking is always important when it’s real, and it’s always useless when it’s fake.” – Seth Godin

No matter what business problem you have to solve right now, there’s a powerful way of finding the answer quickly and efficiently… and it’s called networking.

That’s a word that makes many people’s hearts beat faster. The idea of getting out to events and meeting a bunch of strangers is not something that seems natural!

At Every Elite Office location, there are at least 150-450 members that are between full time dedicated offices tenants to hot desk or shared office’s local members. We have improvised the Networking element and maximized efficiency by having quarterly get-togethers allowing our members and giving them the opportunity to get to know one another in addition to forming pre-organized groups of synergistic businesses to ease tasks and client acquisitions through such synergy.


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