Services For Medical Providers

Medical Providers of all specialties, specifically those who are not part of the corporate medical organizations, have to struggle tremendously with various business-related tasks taking away from their focus on running their actual practice in the part they do best, which is actual medical care.

Medical service providers tend to be keenly aware of the benefits of networking with other medical professionals. Elite Office Corp offers medical professionals a unique environment, including quarterly events specifically for the purpose of networking.

Medical professionals also tend to have very specific needs in terms of office and staffing, but working across numerous medical facilities may make running a medical office exceptionally challenging, and even impede the ability of the medical professionals to tend to their work, diverting their attention instead to more administrative tasks.

Elite Office Corp provides Intelligent Business Solutions specifically designed for Medical services professionals:

  • Maintaining medical records per HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards
  • Handling phone traffic for scheduling, rescheduling, patient questions, etc.
  • Patient intake, including taking down detailed insurance information 
  • Patient follows up, scheduling, rescheduling, and appointment reminders
  • Verifying insurance information, including eligibility and pre-authorization
  • Calling insurance companies to determine what is and is not covered
  • Following up on claims, including handling appeals with insurance companies
  • Medical coding, billing and training 
  • Data entry, updating and maintaining patient files and records
  • The proper management of daily administrative tasks
  • Other duties like accounting and payroll, and accounts payable and receivable, and billing services
  • Hiring and training staff members

Elite Office Corp Intelligent Business Solutions (IBS) are specific to your needs, based on your practice, your principles, and your way of doing business. Elite Office Corp business process outsourcing services are an ideal solution for those medical professionals constantly moving back and forth between facilities, and whose work must take priority over the comparatively mundane tasks associated with medical office management.