Live Secretary

Are you constantly on the go but need to stay in constant contact with clients and customers? Our Secretarial Services are probably just what you need! We provide you with an office phone, answer with your business name, and instantly relay your messages to you!

Pay Annually & get 4 months FREE

$79 per month

Flexible Month-to-Month Terms

Live Secretary Service

You’ve just saved $316

by selecting Annual Saver

$632 per year

Flexible Month-to-Month Terms

Live Secretary Service


Unlimited calls

Custom greeting

Instant message delivery to any landline or cell phone

Appointment setting, event registration, order taking, and other services available

How it works

Get Started With Your Private Secretary in 3 easy steps:

Determine Your Needs

Do you need a simple greeting using your company name? Do you need a more lengthy introduction? How should the secretary interact with your callers?

Ready in 10 minutes

Once everything is established in regards to caller interactions, your exclusive business number and secretarial services can be fully operational within 10 minutes.

We Forward All Messages Immediately

When someone calls your exclusive business number, your secretary will interact with them directly, and relay any messages, orders, or other important data to you immediately. You have the option of receiving notifications via text message or email, and call forwarding services are also available as an alternative option.


  • Professional service at affordable prices
  • Fully customized service based on your individual business needs
  • Our Secretaries will answer phones with your company greeting, and immediately forward your messages to you
  • Secretarial Services are available during regular business hours

Our live secretaries act as direct intermediaries to assist you in achieving all your business goals

Our live secretaries assist you to make sure your business runs smoothly. Our team of dedicated receptionists will answer all of your calls in a professional and friendly manner. We always take the time to educate our team members about your business before allowing them to handle your calls.

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